جهاز تثبيت أنبوب تصريف الجرح

A new method to secure wound drainage tubes instead of sutures

جهاز تثبيت أنبوب تصريف الجرح من LOOPIX
3D demo picture, different from the real product


LOOPIX replaces sutures, avoids secondary damage, improves patients’ comfort

Widely Applicable

LOOPIX is suitable for a wide range of drainage tubes from 6 Fr to 28 Fr


Easy to operate, observe and care, and easy to adjust when the drainage tube needs to be adjusted

Patented Design

Extremely competitive patented product structure and PSA tape design

3D Product Operation Video

This video shows how to use the LOOPIX Wound Drainage Tube Fixing Device

Clinical Cases

Are you interested in becoming our distribution partner?

Haichuang Medical is looking for distribution partners in global markets for our innovative noninvasive wound drainage tube fixing device. The LOOPIX device is used to replace sutures to secure the surgical drainage tubes in the operating room. This device avoids secondary damage and improves patients’ comfort greatly. It is easy to use and adjust, and convenient for post-operative care. It’s applicable for a wide range of drainage tubes and suitable to be used in various surgical departments, such as general surgery, thoracic surgery, ultrasound Intervention surgery, orthopedic, oncology, ICU, and so on.

If you are distributing related medical devices or consumables, this new product could enrich your product line and expand your profit growth point. If you have a distribution network and team in the local territory and are interested in our products, we can reach cooperation. With our high-quality products and rich experience in the global market, as well as your sales channels and sales experience, we can grow together and reach long-term cooperation.

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