Conjunto de fechamento de incisão cirúrgica

A new approach to closing surgical wounds in the skin

BI-FIX Closing
3D demo picture, there is a difference from the real product


The strength of BI-FIX is stronger than suture

Less Scarring

Better wound healing results

Easy to use

Patient can remove it at home

Widely Applicable

BI-FIX can be used for most surgical wounds

3D Video

This video shows how to use the Bi-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

Clinical Case Video

This video shows the BI-FIX used to close the epidermal wound in a Cholecystectomy operation

Clinical Cases

Are you interested in becoming our distribution partner?

Haichuang Medical is looking for distribution partners in global markets for our innovative noninvasive skin closure device. This device is used to close skin incisions in the operating room without stitches, different from sutures and staplers. It can avoid surgical wound stitch scars, reach aesthetic wound healing, improve patients’ satisfaction, and is easy to use and widely applicable to various wound lengths.

If you are distributing related medical devices or consumables, this new product will enrich your product line and expand your profit growth point. You had a distribution network and team in the local territory and are interested in our products, and we have high-quality products and rich experience in the global markets. Then we can grow together and reach long-term cooperation.

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