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Haichuang Medical is looking for distribution partners in global markets for our innovative high-value medical consumables, including noninvasive surgical wound closure set and wound drainage tube fixing device, DVT prevention device, wound debridement irrigator, skin tension reduction device and so on. These medical devices are innovative and uniquely designed with broad market prospects. They’re widely applicable for various surgical departments, such as general surgery, thoracic surgery, ultrasound Intervention surgery, orthopedic, oncology, ICU, and so on, or suitable for home use as well.

If you are distributing related medical devices or consumables, this new product could enrich your product line and expand your profit growth point. If you have a distribution network and team in the local territory and are interested in our products, we can reach cooperation. With our high-quality products and rich experience in the global market, as well as your sales channels and sales experience, we can grow together and reach long-term cooperation.

Submit the contact form if you want to know more about the demo, detailed introduction, or distribution policy. Welcome to leave a detailed message if you have any questions. Our sales team will get back to you soon.

Innovative Medical Products

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Dispositivo de fijación de tubo de drenaje de heridas

A new method to secure wound drainage tubes instead of sutures

Dispositivo de fijación de tubo de drenaje de heridas LOOPIX
3D demo picture, different from the real product

3D Product Operation Video

This video shows how to use the LOOPIX Wound Drainage Tube Fixing Device

Clinical Cases


Juego de cierre de incisión quirúrgica

A new approach to closing surgical wounds in the skin

BI-FIX Closing
3D demo picture, there is a difference from the real product

3D Presentation Video

This video shows how to use the Bi-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

Clinical Cases


Estimulador Eléctrico Neuromuscular

El dispositivo de estimulación eléctrica neuromuscular TVP-A fabricado por Haichuang Medical es la tecnología de tercera generación para prevenir la trombosis venosa profunda y la embolia pulmonar (EP) causada por la TVP. A diferencia de la compresión neumática intermitente (IPC) y las medias de compresión, la aplicación de NMES inicia una nueva era en la profilaxis de la TVP.

This device stimulates the neuromuscular to contract continuously and rhythmically, promotes the flexion of the ankle joint, and enables the muscles to actively pump blood to improve the blood supply of the veins, arteries, and microcirculation of the lower extremities. 

This video shows how to use the Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator


Wound Debridement Irrigator

El irrigador de desbridamiento de un solo uso CLEANIX es un sistema de limpieza a chorro que consta de una boquilla de gotas, un tapón antisalpicaduras, un catéter, oxígeno médico externo y solución salina fisiológica. En las salas, las clínicas para pacientes ambulatorios o los quirófanos, el oxígeno se puede usar como energía para convertir la solución salina en microgotas y administrarlas en la herida. El desbridamiento aeróbico de varios tipos de heridas bajo el impacto de microgotas es conveniente, seguro y efectivo.

Irrigador de desbridamiento de heridas CLEANIX


Dispositivo de reducción de tensión de la piel

Non-invasive skin tension reduction & Laceration and mild cut skin closure

Aplicable para

  • Recuperación de heridas después de una operación
  • Reducción de la tensión después de la cirugía plástica
  • Recuperación de heridas por cesárea
  • Primeros auxilios
  • Tratamiento de trauma infantil
  • Emergencia
ZI-FIX Skin Tension Reduction Device

Acerca de Haichuang Medical

Zhejiang Haichuang Medical Device Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is located in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province. We specialize in medical disposable device manufacturing which combines R&D, Production, and Sales. As for now, we have more than 6 series of products including BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set, LOOPIX Drainage Tube Securement Device, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator for DVT prevention, ZI-FIX Skin Tension Reduction Device and so on. For the past years, Haichuang Medical has already become one of the very few leading enterprises in the field of non-invasive surgical closing devices in China, and now we are ready to serve global markets.

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