Haichuang’s semi-annual sales meeting was recently held in Jiangxi

Haichuang Medical recently held a semi-annual sales conference in Shangrao, Jiangxi. Company sales staff from all over the country gathered in Jiangxi to participate in the event. In addition to formal business meetings, it provides opportunities for attendees to connect, interact and share experiences, fostering rapport and camaraderie among company teams.

The meeting first comprehensively reviewed the sales data of non-invasive skin staplers, drainage catheter fixers, neuromuscular stimulators and other products in the domestic and foreign markets in the first half of the year, highlighting the impressive growth and success of Haichuang Medical in the medical consumables market. Haichuang Medical is committed to the pursuit of high-quality products and customer service, and actively responds to various questions and needs raised by customers, which has played a vital role in its outstanding sales growth.

Haichuang's semi-annual sales meeting was recently held in Jiangxi
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Sales of BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

The BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set was one of the leading products discussed at the conference. The sales team presented impressive figures demonstrating the growing demand for this non-invasive skin closure device in the market. The device offers several benefits, including precise closure of surgical incisions, minimal scarring, and improved patient comfort. The team shared success stories and positive feedback from medical professionals, highlighting the effectiveness and reliability of the device.

Sales of LOOPIX Wound Drainage Tube Fixing Device

Another product that attracted a lot of attention during the conference was the LOOPIX Wound Drainage Tube Fixing Device. This specialized device is designed to hold the drainage catheter in place, providing stability and preventing displacement while allowing easy adjustment. The sales team showcased their achievements in promoting and selling the retainer, emphasizing its reliability and ease of use. They discuss its benefits in postoperative care and its positive impact on patient outcomes.

Sales of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator

The meeting also focused on the sales performance of cutting-edge neuromuscular stimulator devices for DVT prevention. The device is used in the field of deep vein thrombosis prevention. It stimulates the common peroneal nerve and activates the muscle pump effect to achieve the purpose of prevention. The sales team shared success stories and testimonials from medical academic professionals as well as doctors and nurses, highlighting the device’s efficacy in the field of deep vein thrombosis prevention. They discuss its various application scenarios and the positive results observed in clinical settings.

Future Sales Plan

This meeting provided a platform for Haichuang Medical Devices, looking forward to the sales plan and strategy for the second half of the year and next year. The company says it is committed to innovation, product development and expanding market reach. They stress the importance of building strong partnerships with distributorship partners, healthcare organizations and improving customer engagement. In addition, they discussed changes and responses to healthcare reform policies, upcoming marketing campaigns, academic research, and participation in medical conferences and exhibitions.

In Conclusion

The semi-annual sales conference held by Haichuang Medical Devices in Jiangxi is a grand event to show the company’s performance and future plans. The meetup provided participants with a platform for knowledge exchange, team building and collaboration. Haichuang Medical Devices has become a trustworthy brand in the medical device industry with innovative products such as non-invasive skin staplers, drainage catheter fixers, and neuromuscular stimulators. The conference reinforces their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and meeting the changing needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

Haichuang's semi-annual sales meeting was recently held in Jiangxi
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