Highlights of Haichuang Medical at the 89th CMEF Exhibition

From April 11th to 14th, the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world’s leading professional medical equipment industry trade platform, aims to promote the common development of the global medical equipment industry, and to build a bridge for the internal and external exchanges and cooperation of the industry.

In this industry event, Haichuang Medical became a shining star with its outstanding innovative products and cutting-edge technology, and received many favorable comments from visitors.

The company launched the BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure device and medical skin tension reduction device, which undoubtedly demonstrated its excellent strength in the field of wound management. The perfect combination of these two products not only realizes non-invasive closure of wounds, but also sustained reduction of tension and effective reduction of scar proliferation, bringing patients a more aesthetic healing of surgical incisions, so that they will no longer be troubled by scarring.

In addition, our neuromuscular electrical stimulator also made a big splash at the expo. The appearance of this innovative product provides powerful technical support for the construction of thrombus-free hospitals and thrombus-free wards. Its application will significantly improve the prevention rate of lower extremity deep vein thrombosis in hospitalized patients, opening a new way for hospitals to achieve thrombus-free management.

Meanwhile, LOOPIX Surgical Wound Drainage Tube Fixing Device attracts many eyeballs with its unique fixation method of drainage tube. It not only reduces the risk of unplanned extubation and improves patient comfort, but also complements the concept of accelerated rehabilitation surgery.

At the expo site, our staff had in-depth communication with the attendees. They not only showed customers the company’s latest technologies, products and solutions, but also provided one-stop attentive services, from product introduction to usage experience, to satisfy the needs of the attendees in all aspects.

It is worth mentioning that the products also attracted the attention of many foreign customers. They showed great interest in the products of Haichuang Medical and expressed their desire to further cooperate with Haichuang Medical and jointly develop a broader international market.


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