BI-FIX® Non Invasive Skin Closure Device for Surgical Incisions


  1. Non-invasive Closure: suture-free, no extra stitching damage to the skin, brings in better wound healing cosmetic results;
  2. Made of Hydrocolloid Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Tape: Hypoallergenic & durable stickiness;
  3. Rotate-to-close Design: Fast appose incision & precise incision closure
  4. Visualization Design: convenient for postoperative observation and easy to disinfect the skin wound
  5. Can be resized and applied for straight or curvy incisions: applicable to most surgical skin incisions;


The BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure kit consists of two pieces of PSA closure tapes and a unique rotating closure system. It is a single-use device designed to close the surgical incision or wound without sutures, continuously reduce skin incision tension, avoid additional suture scarring and achieve a cosmetic healing result. Compared to traditional methods such as sutures and skin staplers, BI-FIX is a non-invasive and advanced choice for surgical wound closure.

After 8 years of clinical practice and over half a million cases, BI-FIX has become one of the most popular skin closure options for cuticle closure of surgical wounds on the skin surface. The unique screw fastening structure allows for simple, convenient and reliable operation to better meet the needs of wound closure; the force on both sides of the incision can be precisely adjusted, which is particularly important in cases of post-operative adjustment. It can effectively reduce the formation of hypertrophic scar tissue to achieve a better appearance. BI-FIX is available in different sizes and can be resized or combined for different surgical incisions. The BI-FIX can be used in a wide range of surgical departments, including general surgery, obstetrics, orthopaedics and endoscopic surgery.


Safety: hydrocolloid tape, low allergenicity, good breathability, easy to stretch; implantable polymer material, good biocompatibility, no skin irritation; Non-invasive design, no puncture of the skin, reducing the chance of infection.

Efficacy: Patented rotary adjustable closing structure, balanced tension reduction, reducing scar hyperplasia; good adhesion and cohesion; closing force greater than 15 Newtons, meeting wound closure requirements.

Convenient: It can be cut or superimposed on wounds of various shapes; visual design facilitates wound observation and treatment; no need to suture or remove staples.


BI-FIX is available in lengths of 4cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 14cm, 16cm and 20cm.

How to use


Peel off the #1 releasing paper, apply the Bl-FlX and keep the incision in the middle of the left & right bases.


Peel off the #2 releasing paper with one hand and press the tapes with the other hand gently to make sure it’s fully attached.


Rotate the regulating levers clockwise to close the incision.


Cover the medical dressing over the device.

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