How to use the skin tension reduction device correctly?

Many patients who have undergone surgical treatment of keloids or scar hyperplasia will wear a skin tension reduction device for the patient in order to prevent the risk of scar hyperplasia due to excessive skin tension. Here, I will explain to you how to use the skin tension reduction device correctly and the precautions. The skin tension reduction device is also called the needleless skin tension suturing device. It is mainly used to reduce the tension on both sides of the incision and prevent the widening of the scar. It is mainly used in areas with high skin tension, such as the chest, abdomen, back, limbs, etc. The reduction of surgical incision is the most commonly used auxiliary method in scar treatment.


How to use the skin tension reduction device:

  1. Thoroughly clean skin incisions or scars and dry them. Choose an appropriate length of skin tension reduction device, peal off the release paper, and evenly and symmetrically attach the skin tension reducer to both sides of the incision or scar;
  2. Tighten the tie bars on the skin tension reducer one by one, so that the gap in the middle is closed to about 0.5cm~1cm. During the tightening process, it is not advisable to tighten too tightly at one time, and can be adjusted slowly;
  3. You can cut off the exposed part of the tie bar to avoid touching it during activities and affecting daily life.
  4. When removing the tension reducer, it is necessary to parallelly follow the direction of the incision or scar, and uncover the tension reducer on both sides at the same time, otherwise, the pulling of the skin in different directions and strengths will affect the scar.

Precautions for skin tension reduction device:

  1. The skin tension reducer is mainly used for relatively flat parts such as the torso that require strong tension reduction force; at the same time, try to avoid the movement of the surgical site, such as reducing the movement of the limbs and neck, especially in the joints;
  2. Sticking If the skin of the tension reducer has infection or other skin lesions, it cannot be used;
  3. The tension reducer should not be tightened too tightly to avoid complications such as tension blisters;
  4. The viscosity of the tension reducer will decrease after being wet. Pay attention to avoid getting wet in daily life.

Questions and answers about the use of the skin tension reduction device:

Q: How long does the tension reducer need to be used?
A: It is generally recommended to use it for 3-6 months. It can be increased or decreased according to specific circumstances.

Q: How long does it take to replace the skin tension reducer? What should be paid attention to when replacing?
A: Generally, the tension reducer can be worn for 2-3 weeks. But adjust according to the actual situation, if there is insufficient viscosity, please replace it as soon as possible. In addition, the tension reducer cannot be reused, and once it is removed, it cannot be reattached, otherwise the tension reduction effect cannot be achieved.

Q: What should I do if I am allergic to the tension reducer?
A: A small number of people will have skin allergies when using the skin tension reducer, manifested as rashes on the skin at the pasted site, and even blisters. If the allergy symptoms are mild. The skin tension reducer can be removed. Let the skin recover on its own in a few days before using a new one. If the allergies are severe, you can only give up using the tape and use other measures such as tape.

The skin tension reducer is easy to use, has a good local tension reduction effect in the incision, and can also inhibit hyperplasia, so that after the scar repair operation, the healed wound is thinner and narrower without affecting the external use of wound medicine.

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