BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

How to close wounds without stitches and reduce surgical scars has become one of the most concerning problems of patients today.

BI-FIX  surgical incision closure set is a disposable device that intends to close the surgical incision or wound without stitches, reduce the tension of the skin, and let it heal naturally. It improves the appearance of scars eventually. This is a non-invasive and advanced choice of wound closing compared to the traditional methods like suture and skin stapler.


BI-FIX surgical incision closure set is formed by two closure strips and a unique closing system. The operation is straightforward: stick the two strips to both sides of the incision and screw the locking system with the spiral levers to shorten the distance of the incision evenly until fully closed. It will constantly provide a proper force to reduce the tension of the incision in 14 days during the natural healing time of ourselves and avoid secondary damage to the skin.

After 5 years of clinical practice and over a quarter million cases, BI-FIX has become one of the most popular skin-closing options for cuticle closure of surgical wounds on the skin surface. We have collected many pictures by using Bifix that indicated a better scar appearance compared to the regular stitching treatment. The unique spiral fastening structure allows a simple, convenient, and reliable operation, to meet the needs of wound closure to a greater extent; the force on both sides of the incision can be adjusted precisely, which is particularly important in the cases of wound edema and subsided inflammatory reaction. It can effectively reduce the generation of hypertrophic scar tissues, to achieve a better appearance. The product has various sizes for general surgery, obstetrics, orthopedics, and minimally invasive surgery.

Product Features

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1. Convenient operation and time-saving

BI-FIX saves 1/3 to 2/3 of the time compared with intradermal suture.

2. Non-invasive design, reduce additional damage

No need to puncture the skin, and avoid secondary damage and needle scars.


3. Accurate alignment and appropriate closing force

Proper closure force is more beneficial to the aesthetics of the incision and with the fine lever.


4. Convenient after-care

Easy to observe the incision and dressing change.

BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

Comparison of BI-FIX and traditional incision closure methods in surgical skin closure

Disadvantages of Suture, Staple and Glue

  1. Higher requirements for doctor suturing skills, foreign body reaction, and longer operation time.

  2. Puncture of the skin, enormous secondary damage to the skin, easy to be infected, needs to be removed, and can easily produce centipede-like scars.

  3. High biocompatibility requirements, difficult for postoperative care, only can be used in incisions with less tension and high requirements for subcutaneous sutures.

Disadvantages of Suture, Staple and Glue
Risk of scar and infection when using suture, staple and tissue adhesive

Advantages of BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

  • Adjustable Wound Closure, Good Blood Perfusion, Good Wound Healing
  • No Needles, No Foreign Body Stimulation, Aesthetic Wound Healing
  • Simple and Fast Operation, Operating Time Saving
  • No Need for Return and Stapler Removal, Can be Removed by Patients
Bi-Fix Incision Closure
BI-FIX Structure and Components

BI-FIX Structure and Components

  1. No.1 releasing paper (White)
  2. No.2 releasing paper (Transparent)
  3. PSA Tape (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape), consists of three layers: Breathable TPU film layer, hydrocolloid pad layer, and medical pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.
  4. Screw regulating lever
  5. Locking Mechanism (Left and right locking base,  connecting mechanism), suitable for joint flexion and extension

Patented Screw Regulating Design

The screw closing mechanism is easy to operate to achieve precise closure and provide proper force to counteract skin tension during the healing of incision. Compared with other similar products, closing accuracy of BI-FIX can be controlled up to 1 mm. When regulated too tight, this system allows surgeons to unlock and rotate the lever counterclockwise to adjust the closing strength.

Anti-rotating back lock and Anti-back lock prevent the adjusting lever (screw regulating lever) from rotating back due to strong skin tension.


  • Material: Medical Class Plastic and PSA Tape
  • Storage: 5℃~30℃
  • Valid Period: 30 months
  • Package: Sterilized by Radiation










BI-FIX Length

2 cm

4 cm

6 cm

8 cm

10 cm

14 cm

8 cm x 2 pcs

10 cm x 2 pcs

Applicable Wound Length

2 cm

4 cm

6 cm

8 cm

10 cm

14 cm

16 cm

20 cm

Clinical Application

Excellently adaptable with a wide scope of application in incision closure of various operations

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