Clinical Cases of BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

BI-FIX can be used to close surgical wounds without stitches and reduce scaring for patients in the following departments:

Collection of BI-FIX Clinical Cases

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Abdominal Incision Closure

Bi-Fix is applied in a long abdominal surgery incision. Postoperative incision scar has good appearance.



Hip Replacement Surgery Incision Closure

The Bi-Fix incision closure set is applied to close the arc incision of hip replacement surgery. In the arc incision case, the surgeon used multiple small size pieces (4 cm) to close the wound properly.



Obstetrics Incision Closure

Bi-Fix can be used in most of obstetrics surgeries, no matter the incision is straight or arc, transverse or vertical incision. Surgeons can use a long-size piece BI-FIX or mutiple shorr-size pieces to close arc c-section incisions.



Pediatrics Incision Closure

A 4cm BI-FIX closure set applied to close a child’s forehead incision. The final healing performance of incision would be better without stitches than traditional suturing.



Wound Closure in Head and Face Surgery

BI-FIX surgical Incision Closure Set is applied to the head and face wound closure and tension reduction for a better scar-healing appearance.



Incision Closure in Thyroid Surgery

BI-FIX surgical Incision Closure Set is applied to the thyroid incision closure and tension reduction for a better scar-healing appearance. The pictures depict the incision situation from operation to 15 days post-operative.

Thyroid Surgery Case

Incision Closure in Endoscopic Surgery

The Bi-FIX surgical incision closure set can be applied to endoscopic incision closure without suturing. 



Incision Closure in Spine Surgery

Due to long incisions in spine surgeries, subcutaneous suture is required before the BI-FIX applied. If the skin tension is large, consider using suture for skin suturing, and then use BI-FIX for tension reduction.


Video of Typical Clinical Case

This video shows a typical process of the BI-FIX application in which surgeons close the incision with an 8 cm BI-FIX set in a Cholecystectomy surgery.

Play Video about BI-FIX Typical Clinical Operation Video Cover

More Clinical Cases

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