How to Use BI-FIX Surgical Incision Closure Set

Please strictly follow the Instruction for Use, no matter in testing or clinical application.

How to Use BI-FIX Step 1

Step 1. Clean & Dry

Clean the adjacent area of the incision and ensure there are no tissue fluid, blood, lipid, or other contaminants around the skin of the incision, and wait for the antimicrobial solution is completely dry for the best adhesion.

How to Use BI-FIX Step2

Step 2. Remove the Releasing Paper #1

Remove the #1 releasing paper (Blue number) to expose the adhesive on one end of the device.

How to Use BI-FIX Step 3

Step 3. Align and Apply

Align the second regulating lever to one end of the incision. Apply the BI-FIX device on the skin, try to keep the incision centered between two tapes.

How to Use BI-FIX Step 4

Step 4. Remove the Releasing Paper #2

Remove the #2 releasing paper (Orange number) and press the BI-FIX device to stick to the skin
at the same time by the other hand.

How to Use BI-FIX Step 5

Step 5. Close the BI-FIX

Screw the regulating levers clockwise to fully close the incision, do not screw too tight at the first round to leave space for the adjustment accurately.

How to Use BI-FIX Step 6

Step 6. Cover Strip Gauze and Medical Dressing

Cover the strip gauze over the incision to absorb the exudate and cover the dressing on top of it.

An instruction video for BI-FIX 2cm Model in Application and Removal

In this video, you can find out how to apply and remove the BI-FIX (2 cm model). Be aware that we aligned the 1st lever to the incision while usually the 2nd lever of other models is aligned to the incision.

Contact us if any questions about operation instructions.

Graphic Instructions and Cautions

The following is a PDF file showing how to use BI-FIX (2cm Model). Down and save it on your device or print it for operation instructions in clinical application.


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