Radial Artery Hemostat Device

  • Regularly remind the decompression function to ensure the smooth flow of blood.
  • Smart rotary knob design for a precise fit and optimum comfort.
  • Transparent structure design, precise hemostasis operation, and convenient observation of hemostasis.

Scope of Application

Compression hemostasis after radial artery catheterization.

Applicable Departments

Cardiovascular medicine department, Intervention department.


Product Features

  • Timing function, voice reminder for pressurization every two hours.
  • TPU compression pads provide stable and even pressure on the surface.
  • The wrist strap is made of soft material, which is more comfortable to wear.
  • The support plate is made of transparent material, easy to monitor the puncture point of compression.

How To Use

Application-Procedure-of-Radial-Artery-Hemostat-Device Step 1

Draw out the sheath for 2 to 3 cm, and clean the skin incision area.

Application-Procedure-of-Radial-Artery-Hemostat-Device Step 2

Centrally align the sheath insertion site or vessel puncture site with the soft rubber compression pad.

Application-Procedure-of-Radial-Artery-Hemostat-Device Step 3

Wrap the strap around the wrist to secure it, and hold down the hemostat support plate with one hand.

Application-Procedure-of-Radial-Artery-Hemostat-Device Step 4

Keeping the pressure on the support plate, the other hand draws out the sheath parallel to the forearm.

Application-Procedure-of-Radial-Artery-Hemostat-Device Step 5

Turn the nut clockwise until the top of the knob makes contact with the top of the rotating core to provide proper pressure.

Application-Procedure-of-Radial-Artery-Hemostat-Device Step 6

Assess the radial and ulnar pulses. Check to make sure there is no bleeding at the puncture site.

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