The Benefits of the BI-FIX Device for Surgical Minimizing Scarring

The scar of surgical incision is a common concern of many people who undergo surgery. Although it is a natural part of the treatment process, its existence will have a significant impact on a person’s appearance and self-esteem. The traditional method of incision closure usually leads to obvious scars that cannot be eliminated or take a long time to eliminate. Fortunately, the development of BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure device provides a solution to reduce scars and improve the healing process.

Disadvantages of Suture, Staple and Glue
Disadvantages of Suturing , Stapler and Glue in surgical incision closure


The use of the BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure device provides a less traumatic alternative to traditional incision closure methods. The device is used to close the surgical incision without an epidermal suture or staples, reduce the risk of infection, promote faster healing, effectively resist skin tension, and reduce the proliferation of epidermal scars on the incision. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure device to reduce scars.

How the BI-FIX device works

The BI-FIX device uses a low-sensitivity pressure-sensitive adhesive tape to paste on both sides of the incision. The combination of a screw closure structure connected by two adhesive tapes replaces the epidermal suture, closes the incision, and promotes healing. The continuous closing force exerted by the device on the skin can resist the tension of the incision skin on both sides, help to reduce swelling, promote the formation of new tissue, and reduce the appearance of scars.

Benefits of the Bi-FIX device to reduce scar

  • Scar reduction

The use of the BI-FIX device directly avoids the appearance of stitches. Since the incision was closed, efforts have been made to reduce scars. Compared with the use of scar removal gel after surgery, it works earlier and more effectively.

  • Faster healing time

Compared with suture, the BI-FIX device applies uniform force on both sides when closing the incision, avoiding suture cutting, helping to reduce swelling, and promoting the formation of new tissue, thus shortening the healing time. This means that the person using this device may heal the wound faster than the person using the traditional incision closure method.

  • Reduce the risk of infection

The BI-FIX device uses low-sensitivity adhesive tape, which does not require sutures or staples to reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, BI-FIX is also convenient for postoperative observation and disinfection and can promote healthier healing.

The importance of selecting skilled surgeons

Although the BI-FIX surgical incision closure set requires less operating experience than suturing in terms of operation and also provides many benefits in reducing scar formation, it is still important to select a skilled and experienced surgeon to perform the operation. Skilled surgeons will be able to use the equipment correctly and achieve the best results.


1. Is the BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure device safe?

Yes, the BI-FIX device is considered safe and has been approved by CFDA and CE for various surgical operations.

2. How long does it take to see the results using the BI-FIX device?

The length of time for using the BI-FIX device may vary depending on the individual's physique and the degree of surgical procedure. Generally, ordinary surgical incisions can initially heal in about 7 to 10 days, while Bi-Fix can stick for up to 14 days. If the doctor judges that it is still needed after 14 days, a new stapler can be replaced. Compared with the traditional incision closure method, people who use this device will usually see a significant reduction in scars and a faster healing time.

3. Can the BI-FIX set be used for all surgical operations?

No, BI-FIX is not applicable to all surgical operations. Our BI-FIX can only be applied to a type of wound with intact skin. If there is too much fluid or an infectious wound, it is not recommended to use it directly.


The benefits of using BI-FIX non-invasive surgical incision closure devices to reduce scars are obvious. This innovative device provides an alternative method for the traditional incision closure method with smaller wounds and better healing, reducing scars and promoting faster healing time. The non-invasive surgical incision closure device has many advantages and shortened recovery time. It is a wise choice for anyone who wants to obtain the best results and minimize scars. We also hope to cooperate with professional hospitals and agents in this field to jointly promote the application of products and benefit more people.

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